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Writer Vs Author

There is no doubt that you know what both an author and a writer are…right? Many people would look at these two words and say that they basically mean the same thing. Not so. In this post we will take a deeper look into the difference between a writer and an author. It’s important to remember that just because a writer and an author differences, does not mean the same person can’t play both roles.

The Writer

A writer is someone who communicates thoughts, ideas, and beliefs through words written or type on page or through a digital platform. Writers produce many different forms of content including articles, essays, stories, plays, poetry and so on.

The Author

An author comes up with the origin of the plot and main story line of the content. The author is more of an established public figure that someone who is just considered a writer. The author shows up to public events such as book signings to meet readers in person.

The Main Difference Between The Writer and The Author

Think of the writer as the reclusive person who hides out all day in solitude, working to master their craft and produce new works. That same writer can then transform into the author when it’s time to meet and great the public for promotion and public relations.

Here is an informative slideshow that will help you better understand the difference. Also, check out the video below for a great explanation from Sandra Cisneros on the difference between a writer and author.