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Should You Hire A Ghostwriter?

This is a topic you will find many different opinions on. It really comes down to a couple of questions. Do you feel confident in your own writing skills? If not, then a ghostwriter could be a huge help by drastically speeding up the writing and publishing process. The other question is…do you have the budget to hire a ghostwriter? The fee for a ghostwriting service can vary greatly depending on what company you decide to work with.

The Pros of Hiring A Ghostwriter

As already stated, working with a professional team of ghostwriters can really speed things up and improve the quality of your writing. They also will do deep research into your topic and won’t take credit for the work once it is all done and published within the marketplace. Finally they are a great sounding board for new ideas.

The Cons of Hiring A Ghostwriter

The obvious main con is the fee. If you were to do everything yourself you would save that money, but your end product might suffer in quality. Think of it this way, if your car had some dents and paint chips and you felt you wanted to do the repairs yourself, yes you would save money upfront, but because you did not hire a professional you might lose money in the resale value of your car due to unprofessional work.

The other main issue that many people struggle with is the ethical side. Is it ethical to have someone else write your book with your name on it so you can take the credit. The answer is, it totally depends on the individual. If you run a business and you want a professionally written book to help market your business better, then of course it’s completely ethical to write help, like a marketing consultant. On the other hand, if writing your own novel has been a personal dream of yours for many years and if a ghostwriter was brought in it would make you feel like a cheater, then don’t. It all comes down to your own personal goals and desires.

How To Choose Ghostwriting Services That Fit Your Needs

It’s very important that you first have a consultation with the company you are thinking f working with. In the meeting you want to first get a good ball park idea of their pricing model. There is no need to spend a bunch of time talking if you don’t have the budget. You also want to cover things like their experience and how many other people they have helped. When i was first looking into ghostwriting services I was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of choices. I saw drastically different pricing models which only caused further confusion.

After spending a few months on narrowing down my options, I decided to book a consultation with CaryPress Books. They check all the boxes for me as for price, experience and for communication. Ana, one of the founders was really nice and understanding of all my needs. She explained in detail their exact process and gave me a concrete timeline as for when my project could be completed and offered full service publishing as well. You can check out there video below.

In Conclusion

As already stated in this post, hiring a ghostwriter is a very personal choice, and the one I chose might be or might not be right for you. The only way to know is to book a consultation for yourself and find out.

Book Writing Tips

3 Tips To Title Your Book

So you have spent a whole ton of time writing your book and it’s finally done except for one part…the title. We have all heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but let’s be honest, we all do it. The cover image and of course the actual title of your book can either make or break your sales and success.

Research What Others In Your Niche Are Doing

research what others are doing

Success leaves clues, and the authors that have succeeded in your category are leaving a ton for you to pick up. Spend some time on Amazon and look over the best sellers that relate to what you are doing. Make a list of key words that jump out at you and grab your attention. If they got your attention you can leverage those words to work into your title.

An Element of Mystery

Most things in life that catch are attention and spark intrigue are those of a mysterious nature. Think of the most successful commercial, often times you don’t even know what the commercial is for until the very end which got you to pay attention to the whole ad. Think of you book title in the same way. Tease your main topic in a mysterious way that forces the reader to look closer.

Perfection Is An Illusion

Don’t stress about making it perfect because perfect does not really exist. If you are feeling super stressed about a title and nothing you are putting on paper is sounding good, take at least a few days away from even trying. By giving you mind a rest it can act like a reboot which allows new fresh ideas to spring from your newly rested perspective.

Some Resources

I found another great article from the Book Fox on how to create brilliant book titles that is worth a read. Plus, the video below gives an additional 12 tips to helping you titled your book. I hope you found this post helpful in your journey to find your book title.

Book Writing Tips

Writer Vs Author

There is no doubt that you know what both an author and a writer are…right? Many people would look at these two words and say that they basically mean the same thing. Not so. In this post we will take a deeper look into the difference between a writer and an author. It’s important to remember that just because a writer and an author differences, does not mean the same person can’t play both roles.

The Writer

A writer is someone who communicates thoughts, ideas, and beliefs through words written or type on page or through a digital platform. Writers produce many different forms of content including articles, essays, stories, plays, poetry and so on.

The Author

An author comes up with the origin of the plot and main story line of the content. The author is more of an established public figure that someone who is just considered a writer. The author shows up to public events such as book signings to meet readers in person.

The Main Difference Between The Writer and The Author

Think of the writer as the reclusive person who hides out all day in solitude, working to master their craft and produce new works. That same writer can then transform into the author when it’s time to meet and great the public for promotion and public relations.

Here is an informative slideshow that will help you better understand the difference. Also, check out the video below for a great explanation from Sandra Cisneros on the difference between a writer and author.